Fresh air in Madrid sightseeing tours

A new trend in tourism in Madrid has arrived: the use of segways. This method of transport has turned the usual practices available to travellers upside down. If once the fashion was for tour buses, now what is required is to travel mounted on one of these transport vehicles, which can be defined as the dose of fresh air needed by tourism in the capital to revive and regain the interest of people around the world. Travellers not only from Spain, but also from other countries, use the Internet before visiting the city with the intention of booking a segway tour that will allow them to entertain themselves for a few hours.

These reservations are usually made in groups, as it is much more fun to travel around the capital with other people you know, and the segway is a very special method of transport because it is a personal system, where each person defines the way they move. It also helps the easy control system, which only involves leaning into different positions and turning the handlebars in order to reach any place at high speed. Everyone likes to keep their independence in movement and also benefit from the speed and comfort of a segway, which does not involve getting tired or having to walk. With the segway rental services you can book a variety of experiences, ranging from visiting long parks to walking around the city through some of the most touristic places.

Another tour involves visiting the Real Madrid pitch, a plan that has gained many followers among visitors coming from abroad, given their passion for this team. The experiences, as you can see, are varied and it is possible that the success of the segway rentals in Madrid will lead to their introduction in other cities as well. It would not be bad if cities like Alicante would also adopt it, as it could increase tourist visits and give the opportunity to know the best areas of the city while we are riding this method of transport. Possibly it will be something that will be established in more cities when we continue to see how efficient this tourist proposal is among tourists.

Joseph Gagné
Joseph Gagné

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