Global pandemic and quality education incompatible?

It is very easy to find leisure online and most people are already used to this form of entertainment. Mobile terminals, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are added to the television and consoles as systems for easy access to the Internet to find games there, casinos such as Bet-way for betting on the Internet, audiovisual content in a wide range of disciplines and information of interest to all users who come to this great virtual trunk. However, in the case of education, as is also the case in the workplace, we are not as up to date as we thought. The situation of health alarm that has been unleashed worldwide causing the confinement of thousands of people in many countries, has come to light a situation that we did not believe such.

When reality has forced us to depend on this type of platforms and utilities, we have shown an incompetence that is not present in other areas such as social networks or casinos like Bet-way... What has happened to us? It is very difficult to make an assessment in such a short term, to have a true idea of what was happening in homes and schools in terms of platforms and educational tools of a virtual nature. It would be necessary to make a detailed study categorizing different sectors, but it is possible to make an approximation to the reasons that have led us to this situation and how the problem has been faced in a general way. On many occasions, professionals and parents have been suspicious of this type of tool in favour of the more traditional and analogical, and the suspicion of many adds to the lack of knowledge of others, the laziness to learn new systems and the lack of updating of some centres.

In many countries there are many schools that do not have enough resources or institutional support to offer their students powerful tools for online study. What will happen in the future? Of course, it is also very difficult to say which path education will take from now on. What we can say is that the world that awaits us will be full of situations in which the current conditions can be repeated continuously. Investing in the improvement of virtual study systems and starting training campaigns for the population is easier than it seems since other platforms such as online gaming of the Bet-way type are increasingly used.

We must not forget that we are talking about an area that has a projection into the future and that the investment and effort made in education will have an impact on the labour system of the future.

Joseph Gagné
Joseph Gagné

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